FarmVille Hanging Garden Guide


Coming Soon a new FarmVille Hanging Garden farm extension! you might be wondering Oh men, really at this early? but “no” this is not your regular FarmVille farm extension but more of a new area of the farm where you can do a side quests. Yes, you will travel to this farm just like the Angler Pond but instead of just doing some fishin’ you’ll be doing some exploration.

The FarmVille Hanging Garden is an area where it looks like a puzzle but not a puzzle at all. Why Hanging Garden? it is called by that name because it was inspired by one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, the Hanging Garden of Babylon.

The FarmVille Hanging Garden will have a total of 6 garden or terrace to explore. Players will start from area 1 and progresses by unlocking the next stage by clearing bridges, walls and opening treasure chest. To unlock these, players will be needing Golden Trowels. You can get Golden Trowels by either crafting it in a special crafting workshop in the Hanging Garden or spending some FV Cash to buy parts to craft it or the Trowel itself.

Open all the treasure square and unlock all the blockage (walls and bridges) and reach the Area 6 to unlock the ultimate prize an IntaGrow Fountain!



You can also find or get Golden Trowels by chance through:

  • harvesting, planting any crop or even plowing on any farm
  • harvesting animal pens, orchard on any farm of yours

You can get the bushels from these crops that you’ll be using to craft Trowels:


Turmeric – 1 day to grow and harvest (harvest x600 to 1 star master, x1200 to 2 star mastery and 1800 to 3 star mastery)

 Gold Ore  – 1 day to grow and harvest (harvest x600 to 1 star mastery, x1400 to 2 star mastery and x2400 to 3 star mastery)

Amber Grain – 1 day to grow and harvest (harvest x167 to 1 star mastery, x444 to 2 star mastery and x889 to 3 star mastery)


You can craft Trowels from a Special Craftshop in the Hanging Garden:

You can craft the following:

Trowel Bucket (contains 20 pcs of Trowel) = needs 4 Gold Ore Bushels, 3 Turmeric Bushels and 3 Amber Grain Bushels

Trowel Crates (contains 40 pcs of Trowel) = 6 Gold Ore Bushels, 4 Turmeric Bushels and 4 Amber Grain Bushels

Trowel Chest (contains 80 pcs of Trowel) = 8 Gold Ore Bushels, 5 Turmeric Bushels and 5 Amber Grain Bushels



Unlock treasures to get these items:


Fairy Gold Tree / Giant Fairy Gold Tree


Jade Fan Tree / Giant Jade Fan Tree


Rainbow Magnolia Tree / Giant Rainbow Magnolia Tree


Weeping Berry Tree / Giant Weeping Berry Tree


Fiesty Gem Tree / Giant Fiesty Gem Tree


Rainbow Gem Bonsai Tree / Magic Rainbow Gem Bonsai Tree


Mystical Tropical Tree / Giant Mystical Tropical Tree




Gem Cow / Jade War Horse / Golden Winged Pony



Golden Deer / Springly Puppy / Global Cow



Mystical Horse / Emerald Gem Unicorn / Light Mist Pegacorn




Gold Garden

World Vase

World Centerpiece

Lily Fairy Gnome / Aztec Centerpiece / Global Gnome

Gem Waterfall / Jade Dragon Fountain / Jade Waterfall

Aztec Duck Totem / Jade Centerpiece / Botanical Statue

Jade Park / Jade Zen Garden / Rainforest Jungle


Final Reward:

Instagrow Fountain (can be harvested for InstaGrow!)

Just a reminder: while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy, reliability to the information or related graphics contained. The feature may still change prior to release.

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