FarmVille Homebound Pets 2014


A new feature will be coming to FarmVille soon on which will feature Hiro and his Homebound Pets. Yes that is Hiro alright from Jade Falls farm (we miss Jade Falls Quests with the terrace and water). Anyway the feature will involve players to craft Pet Bowls and exchange it for theme exclusive rewards.

We have here information and images about this unreleased feature. Now there’s no guarantee that Zynga may release this feature but sometimes it’s nice to have an idea on what things may come up in our farm.

 Homebound Pets



FarmVille Homebound Pets



 FarmVille Homebound Pets



Homebound Pets





Pet Bowls

Craft Petbowls and exchange with the following rewards.


Baby Pet House

Baby Pet House = Oat Bushel x3, Abroma Flower Bushel x4 and Pink Toadstool x3.


Grand Pet House

Grand Pet House = Ball Flower Plant Bushel x4, Golden Poppy Bushel x4


Tower Pet House

Tower Pet House = Yellow Bell Flower Bushel x4, Elephant Peanut Bushel x6 and Forget Me Not Bushel x5


Redeemable Rewards:

Pet Car Motorcycle

Pet Car Motorcycle = 20 Pet Bowls


Admiral Bulldog

Admiral Bulldog = 40 Pet Bowls


Baby Emperor Penguin

Baby Emperor Penguin = 70 Pet Bowls


Stamped Cabrito Goat

Stamped Cabrito Goat = 110 Pet Bowls


Cheerful Bobcat

Cheerful Bobcat = 140 Pet Bowls


Cone Horn Pony Pegasus

Cone Horn Pony Pegasus = Bonus Reward

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