FarmVille Pretzel Factory (Seed Building)


FarmVille is set to release a new seed building called the Pretzel Factory next. It will be the same with the previous ones where you can upgrade it up to 6 stage. Each stage will gove more chance to received additional seed packets. The Pretzel Factory will give Strawberry Pretzel seed packets once harvested.

 FarmVille Pretzel Factory

 Pretzel Factory


Pretzel Factory


Upgradable up to 6 stage where every upgrade made will give more chance of giving extra packets of seed.


These are the parts that we will need in order to build and upgrade the Pretzel Factory.

Baking HatPretzel Dough

  • Baking Hat
  • Strawberry Coolis Jar
  • Pretzel Dough


Harvest the Pretzel Factory for Strawberry Pretzel seed packets.

Strawberry Pretzel

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