FarmVille Social Sheep Guide


A new prized animal feature was recently release and it was called the FarmVille Social Sheep. This feature will be more likely have the same idea with the Dream Unicorn which was release a few months ago. Players will be raising a baby sheep by feeding it with Flower Drink. After feeding it with enough Flower drink the sheep will grow into any of the four adult type.

Flower Drinks are crafted in the FarmVille Craftshop and it will need the bushels of the Kudzu Bushel, Forbs Bushel and Oat Bushel. Beside the sheep there are rewards that are given during the raising process of the sheep.


Type of Sheeps:

Snazzy Baby Lamb will turn into:

  • Snazzy Elegant Sheep
  • Snazzy Belle Sheep
  • Snazzy Suave Sheep
  • Snazzy Hipster Sheep


Shaggy Baby Lamb will turn into:

  • Shaggy Tie-dye Sheep
  • Shaggy Kid Sheep
  • Shaggy Ribbon Sheep
  • Shaggy Jamaican Sheep


Stunning Baby Lamb will turn into:

  • Stunning Amethyst Sheep
  • Stunning Tourmaline Sheep
  • Stunning Emerald Sheep
  • Stunning Sapphire Sheep


Silly Baby Lamb will turn into:

  • Silly Mime Sheep
  • Silly Clown Sheep
  • Silly Fool Sheep
  • Silly Glasses Sheep


Crafting the Flower Drinks in FarmVille:

Flower Drink will require Kudzu Bushel x3, Forbs Bushel x3 and Oat Bushel x3. You can craft this at the Craftshop.

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