FarmVille’s Sculptors Worshop Feature


FarmVille’s new feature the Sculptor’s Workshop maybe release this week. It’s the feature where we ask our friends a question and then they choose which one they think best describe us. There will be 6 stage’s of question and each stage have 2 possible prizes to get. Depending how the voting went will rely which prize we can redeem. Now if the four slot of each answer was filled, then we can choose which prize to redeem. This version will have the Animal VS Tree Theme.




Prizes that can be won:

Stage 1:


Smore Tree                            Zebra Giraffe


Stage 2:


Fruit Basket Gnome           BBQ Gnome


Stage 3:


Bird of Paradise                 Tennis Retriever


Stage 4:


Bubble Tree                        Crown of Thorn Starfish


Stage 5:


Snake Tree                           Juggler Monkey


Stage 6:


Arborists Flag                     Farmhand Flag

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