Ferris Wheel, Barn Yard, Bumper Cars and Sally’s Shop SOON!


Have you ever wondered in FarmVille if Unwither, Mystery Dart, or even Turbo Packs can be harvested even by a chance? It will be nice isn’t it? but it may happen soon when FarmVille releases this new group of buildings than may produce and harvested for chance to get this premium farm aids item. Here are the list of the soon to be release buildings:

FarmVille Sally’s Seed Shop

Help build and harvest Sally’s Seed Shop for a chance to get Flame Pepper Seed Packages.


Farmville Ferris Wheel

Build the new Ferris Wheel and get a chance to received Mystery Dart when you harvest it.


FarmVille Bumper Cars

Build and improve the Bumper Cars to get a chance to receive Turbo Charger when harvesting it.


Farmville Big Barn Yard

Build and improve the Big Barn Yard Building to have a chance to get Raffle Tickets when harvesting it.


FarmVille Windmill

Build and improve the new building the Windmill for a chance to get Unwither when you harvest it.

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