Fishing Hole Guide


FarmVille recently release The new Fishing Hole feature decoration building. The Fishing Hole can be harvested for Special Delivery Boxes. The more upgrade made on this building, the more number of Special Delivery Boxes it will give. Players can upgrade the building up to 3 times.

Upon entering the game a new pop up message will tell about this new feature. You can then place the structure. If you missed the pop up message you may find it in your Gift Box or you can buy one at the market.


After placing, click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Complete Now – finish the current build by spending the corresponding FV Cash
  • Look Inside – check the current status
  • Ask for Parts – ask friends for the material parts
  • Send Parts – send material parts to friends
  • Move – relocate
  • Sell – exchange for coins


Click Look Inside and you will see the current stage and the number of materials need to finish the current build:

The materials or parts that needed are as follows:


Lure, Fishing Pole and Lily Pad


Building Stages of the Fishing Hole:


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