Funhouse Carnival in FarmVille Feature


A new building which can transform items into another form (more like the Tree of Love) was released in FarmVille. This time it will be a Funhouse Carnival. It will have new collectible items with Carnival and Funhouse theme on which when placed inside the area of effect of the Funhouse Carnival it will turn into another form. There are 6 stages of level to upgrade the building. Each upgrade made will give a reward.




Stages and Parts Needed:

Warped Glass

Warped Glass, Tent Canvass and Balloons


Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:



Prizes as you build the Carnival Fun House and their transformation:

Nerdy HorseClass Clown Pegacorn

Nerdy Horse Class Clown Pegacorn

Trying TreeBeautiful Bonsai Tree

Trying Tree Beautiful Bonsai Tree

Aspiring HedgehogletAcrobatic Hedgehog

Aspiring Hedgehoglet Acrobatic Hedgehog

County FairGreat Circus

County Fair Great Circus

Country SheepCity Ram

Country Sheep City Ram

Super Dragon

Secret Identigator Super Dragon


Items that you can buy from the Market and will have effect when placed near the Carnival Fun House:

Mini Carnival PonyCircus Star Stallion

Mini Carnival Pony Circus Star Stallion

Tame PuppyWild Wolf

Tame Puppy Wild Wolf

Rickety CalfWeightlifter Bull

Rickety Calf Weightlifter Bull

Wishing GnomeWinged Fairy Gnome

Wishing Gnome Winged Fairy Gnome

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