Gilda is Helping with Crafting (Craft-Tastic feature)


You might wonder why Gilda is suddenly appearing in some of your crafting building when shopping for bushels. Well Gilda is part of FarmVille new feature Craft-Tastic! You may find her offering some bushels in the following Crafting Building: Sweet Shoppe (Winter Wonderland), Restaurant (Lighthouse Cove), Pub (English farm), Bakery, Winery, and Spa. We didn’t find her so far in the Hawaii paradise, Jade Falls, Haunted Hollow, Mistletoe lane and Enchanted Glen. Players may only claim 3 bushels from her every 12 hours.

at the Lighthouse Cove Restaurant:



at the Bakery:


at the Spa:


at the Sweet Shoppe (Winter Wonderland):


at the Pub (English Countryside Farm):


at the Winery:

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