Gnome Vineyard in FarmVille


Build the new FarmVille Gnome Vineyard which is harvestable for coins. It is an upcoming feature that will be released soon and it looks like Zynga and FarmVille is issuing one after another building like this which produces coins. It would be nice though if it will produce large amount of coconuts to help out for the expensive expansion slot in the Hawaiian paradise farm. Anyway this building can be upgraded and the more upgrade a player made the better chance of discovering better items. There are three items or parts that it will need for it’s upgrade among them are Grape Vine, Stone Benches and Wine Barrels.


The following parts will be needed to build or upgrade the Gnome Vineyard:

Grape Vine, Stone Benches and Wine Barrels


Gnome Vineyard Stages:

Starting Building

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

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