Lovebird Roosts in FarmVille Feature


Zynga and FarmVille has just released a new building that will produced exclusive seed packets for players to harvests. The new FarmVille Lovebird Roosts is already available. You can build the Lovebird Roost and upgrade it to further stages of construction will allow you to harvest more Lovebird Lilies!



Lovebird Roosts


Lovebird Roost



Lovebird Roost Stages and the amount of materials that will be needed in order to upgrade it:


  Love Bird Toys Lovebird Nest
 Lovebird Toys  Lovebirds Nest Lovebird Feeder
 2  6  9
 3  8 12
 4 10 15
 6 12 8
 8 14 12
 10  16 24


Harvest the Lovebird Roosts for Lovebird Lily Seed Packets:

Lovebird Lily

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