Orchard Harvester in FarmVille Vehicles


FarmVille has just recently release a new harvester to help farmers with their farming and it will be used in harvesting orchard. Dubbed as the Orchard Harvester it is said that it is capable of harvesting up to 20 Orchard at the same time with a single click. Those 20 Orchards can be in any of the supported 6 patterns. So if your orchards is scattered in your large home farm you have to arrange it in a pattern to fully utilize it’s usefulness. The FarmVille Orchard Harvester is now available in the Market for 100 FV cash.



Orchard pattern arrangement that is currently supported:

4 x 5  or  5 x 4


2 x 10  or  10 x 2


1 x 20  or  20 x 1


Where to find Orchard Harvester:

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