Organic Fertilizer in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille Organic Fertilizer is coming it’s way to the market as FarmVille introduce this new item. This feature item looks promising on what it can do and it’s benefits to crops when used. It is said that using or applying Organic Fertilizer to your crops will increase significantly the experience it gives, the mastery a players earn (3 times the normal) and will give “double bushel” yield.



To use:

1. Roll over any plot after planting seeds. Click on “Apply Organic Fertilizer” to bring up the menu.


2. Select “Fertilize Now” to apply fertilizer.


3. Apply to plots after planting before you harvest. Watch them sparkle as they grow to an incredible size!


4. Harvest your crops to enjoy: TRIPLE mastery! DOUBLE bushels! DOUBLE XP!


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