Perfect Costume Feature 2012

Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself in this new FarmVille Perfect Costume feature. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prize depending on how the voting went. FarmVille/Zynga will be releasing this feature soon and the final reward or bonus prize for completing this feature  maybe an XP Book.


The FarmVille Perfect Costumes Rewards and Questions:

1. Would I prefer a good scare or a good laugh?


Ghost Gnome                       Sad Clown Gnome

2. Am I more Goth or Hippie?


Goth Duck                             Hippie Duck

3. Am I usually the one making the mess or the one cleaning it up?


Mudhole Pig                       Maid Pig

4. Am I more likely to scare someone or comfort someone?


Vampire Donkey                  Fairy Donkey

5. Do I prefer dark chocolate candy or bright and fruity candy?


Chocolate Sheep                  Fruity Sheep

6. Do I prefer to be hot or cold?


Fire Chicken                          Ice Chicken

7. Would I rather play with magic or with games?


Mystical Unicorn                 Party Game Unicorn

8. Do I like things that are sour or sweet?


Lemon Dragon                   Sugar Dragon

9. Do I prefer vampires or fairies?


Bat Pegacorn                         Butterfly Pegacorn

10. Am I a night person or a day person?


Moon Pegasus                        Sun Pegasus

11. Would I rather hide in the shadows or bask in the light?


Spider Horse                         Sparkle Horse

12. Am I a tricker or a treater?


Trick Cow                           Treat Cow

Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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