Prized Pigs Feature


FarmVille Prized Pigs is one of the feature that is up for release this month. On this unreleased feature, we will be raising Pigs but not by ourselves alone we will be helped by our friends or neighbors. It is more like a coop raising, our helper will no longer just help us by just clicking, instead the piglet that they agreed to help raising will also appear on their Pig Scale (where the Prized Pig are being raised).

It will occupy 1 of the three slot available for raising. Helpers can choose which Piglet they want to help by clicking the “Request” tab inside the Pig Scale. Once inside the “Request” window helpers can now see the list of neighbors/friends and the piglet they’re trying to raise.

We and our partner have seven days to raise and grow the pig to weigh it in for prizes or Pigs can also be weighed instantly after feeding it 100 pig chows (Pig Chows may also be crafted soon in the Craftshop and requires the following bushels Parsnip x3, Sorghum x3 and Wheat x3). Pig Chows can also be requested every 8 hours or purchase it with FV cash.




These are the four base piglet:

Magnificent Pig, Majestic Pig, Noble Pig, Fabulous Pig

Which may turn into one of these:

and more variety of Pigs to come upon release…

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