Rose Garden in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille has just introduced a new building called the Rose Garden. It is a new buildable building that can be harvested for Spring Rose seed packs. The more upgrades you will make on this building the more chances of more seed packets. It will have a total of 6 stage and will require several parts to upgrade it.

 Rose Garden

Rose Garden




Spring Rose

Spring Rose

Min level: 5

Harvest time: 8 hours

Mastery Count: 650, 1150 and 2,100



Parts needed to build and upgrade the Rose Garden:

Watering Can Rose Trellis Potted Rose


Watering Can, Rose Trellis and Potted Rose


The Rose Trellis is a part that can be crafted at the Craftshop using the following bushels:


Rose Trellis


Rose Gardens Upgrade Table

Levels Watering Can Rose Trellis Potted Rose
1 6  2  9
2 8  3 12
3 10  4 15
4 12  6 18
5 14  8 21
6 16 10 24


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