Santa’s Sleigh 2012


FarmVille is re-releasing this feature The Santa’s Sleigh from what we had last year. It’s a buildable Christmas deco that you can harvest for gifts that you can place in the Holiday Tree (last year Santa’s Sleigh doesn’t not give if you have it now it only gives coins). The Santa’s Sleigh can be upgraded as you gathered and put more materials into it the appearance will improve.






Upon entering the game a popup message will appear about the Santa’s Sleigh feature and will be placing the Santa’s Sleigh.


Once the Santa’s Sleigh is placed you can now start collecting materials. At first three stage, it will need a GPS, Silver Bell and Holiday Lights.

GPS, Silver Bell and Holiday Lights

Upon reaching the fourth stage and up to the last stage it will now require Milk and Cookie, Reindeer Treat and Holiday Cheer.

Milk and Cookie, Reindeer Treats, Holiday Cheer

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