Shopping Personality 2012 Feature


Ask you friends opinion about your shopping personality on this new FarmVille Shopping Personality feature. It’s time once again to ask your friends and this time it will be about shopping behavior. There will be a total of 12 questions to ask and each day will be a different one and for each question there will be different rewards depending on which way the voting goes.





FarmVille Shopping Personality Questions and Prizes:

Question 1: Do I like to shop alone or be helped?

Diva Gnome                                          Independent Gnome


Question 2: Do I like to shop online or in a store?

Shopping Bear                                 Shipping Bear


Question 3: Do I like to shop in and out or all day?

All Day Owl                                          In and OutHog


Question 4: Do I like the sales section or the new arrival section?

New Arrival Tree                                      On Sale Tree


Question 5: Do I use what I buy or keep it on the side?

Collector Seal                                        Use It Seal


Question 6: Do I prefer malls or boutiques?

Local Boutique                                 Mall Rat


Question 7: Do I like buying basics or brand names?

Brand Name Duck                            Classic Name Duck


Question 8: Am I more likely to use coupons or gift cards?

Gift Card Tree                                  Coupon Tree


Question 9: Do I do research first or shop on impulse?

Shopping Tiger                              Browsing Monkey


Question 10: Do I like to buy in bulk or one at a time?

Single Ostrich                                     Bulk Ostrich


Question 11: Do I buy clothes or gadgets?

Gadget Tree                                          Hanger Tree


Question 12: Do I like to buy vintage or modern items?

Modern Horse                                     Vintage Horse


Bonus Prize:

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