Snowed In Surprises in FarmVille Feature


Place the Snowy Sale Cabin and ask your friends to help you sell your goods! in FarmVille Snowed in Surprise feature. Same mechanics with the previous release Farm Stand and Bake Stand this time it will have a winter spin to it. The main idea of this feature is to sell as much as possible the item of the day that is being asked to sell.

 FarmVille Snowed In Surprises

Quick info about this feature:

Snowed In Surprises

  1. Ask friends to help you sell your goods! Helping a friend gives you both a sale!
  2. Each item you sell counts toward your total! Compete against all farmers for the top spots!
  3. Win a top spot and earn awesome prizes! Earn an exclusive trophy and fame!
  4. Continue asking your friends for help to get on the leaderboard.
  5. Top 5 players will win a Trophy.

FarmVille Snowed in Sale


Snowy Sale Cabin

Snowy Sale Cabin


Day to day prizes that will be given away:

Day 1: Blue Andean Cub

Blue Andean Cub


Day 2: Snowfield Alpaca

Snowfield Alpaca


Day 3: Purple Baby King Penguin

Purple Baby King Penguin


Day 4: Toasty Cow

Toasty Cow


Day 5: Rainbow Ice Crystal Tree

Rainbow Ice Crystal Tree


Day 6: Baby Ice Peacock

Baby Ice Peacock


Day 7: Hot Ice Dragon

Hot Ice Dragon


Day 8: Diamond Dog

Diamond Dog


Day 9: Fire and Ice Fox

Fire and Ice Fox


Day 10: Ice Sparkle Horse

Ice Sparkle Horse


Day 11: Nightdust Pig

Nightdust Pig


Day 12: Quilt Sheep

Quilt Sheep


Day 13: Strawberry Baby Cow

Strawberry Baby Cow


Day 14: Nightflight Pegacorn

Nightflight Pegacorn

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