Spooky Lane Prize Guide

Help and receive prizes as we decorate the new FarmVille feature the Spooky Lane. The mechanics are simple as we will only gather or collect the necessary items that will be needed to decorate the Spooky Lane. Each day there will be different items to collect and to be won.

Spooky Lane Stage 1:

Ask 4 friends for help


Spooky Lawn


Spooky Lane Stage 2:

Collect 6 Black Lights

Collect 6 Orange Lights

Collect 8 Green Lights


TP Tree


Spooky Lane Stage 3:

Collect 6 Trick or Treat Bags


Shark Turtle


Spooky Lane Stage 4:

Collect 7 Toy Bat

Collect 7 Toy Ghost

Collect 10 Toy Skeleton


Chicken T-rex


Spooky Lane Stage 5:

Collect 10 Jack O’ Lantern’s


Pumpkin Light Tree


Spooky Lane Stage 6:

Collect 8 Black Lights

Collect 8 Orange Lights

Collect 10 Green Lights


Bumble Sheep


Spooky Lane Stage 7:

Invite 6 friends to help you decorate Spooky Lane


Spider Web Tree


Spooky Lane Stage 8:

Ask your friends for 10 Chocolate Bars

Ask your friends for 10 Candy Corn

Ask your friends for 10 Pumpkin (Candy)


Pegacorn Horse


Spooky Lane Stage 9:

Collect 14 Trick or Treat Bags


Spooky Lane Deco

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