Sunny Float Field in FarmVille Feature


A new feature has just been release with FarmVille Sunny Float Field. It is a Celestial Pastures building but it’s functions resembles that of the Tree of Love which was release last February. The idea is whenever you place a special item inside the “Area of Effect” of the Sunny Float Field the item will change it’s appearance. Not only that this building can also be upgraded and everytime a player made an upgrade it will give a reward tat correspond to the level of the building.







Number of materials need for each stage:

The Sunny Float Field will need the following materials for an upgrade: Crystal Cradle, Fizzy Field and Sunshine Orb.


Area of Effect of the Sunshine Float Field:


Everytime the Sunny Float Field is upgraded there will be a corresponding reward:

Stage 1: Start


Stage 2: White Floppy Ferret


Inside the AOE:

White Sparkle Ferret


Stage 3: Orb Magnets


Inside the AOE:

Floating Orb


Stage 4: Itza-Hari


Inside the AOE:

Frizzy Itza-Hari Chinchilla


Stage 5: Deflated Helium Sheep


Inside the AOE:

Helium Sheep


Stage 6: Hooves Horse


Inside the AOE:

Hover Hooves Horse

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