Super Orchard upgrade with Parts!


FarmVille Orchards will be upgraded into Super Orchard with parts! Before you can only turn it into Super Orchard with FV cash but now they can now be upgraded with parts. Just collect the necessary parts like Leaf Blower, Pot and Rakes to upgrade it. And once it upgraded into Super Orchard players will receive a Golden Egg Tree as a bonus reward. The Super Orchard will hold double the amount of what an ordinary Orchard will hold and can be harvested faster. All themed Orchards will be included on this upgrade.

Parts that will be needed to upgrade to Super Orchard:

Super Orchard



Golden Egg Tree


If you are not seeing or received this feature yet chances are you’re still experiencing a bug in game but hopefully they (Zynga and FarmVille) will have fixed on this issue.

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