The Return of the Cupid’s Castle 2013


The FarmVille Cupid’s Castle will be making it’s return in 2013! and players can now build this buildable decorative piece as soon as FarmVille releases before Valentine’s Day. And not only the Cupid’s Castle a decorative building but it can also be harvested for coins. The more upgrade a player made on the Cupid’s Castle the more coins in can produced. Now all players have to do is just place the Cupid’s castle in their farm then just collect the three different parts to finish or upgrade it.


Part to build or upgrade the Cupid’s Castle:

Stage 1:

Love = 4 pcs

Flower Trim = 4 pcs

Fancy Chocolate =  4 pcs


Stage 2:

Love = 15 pcs

Flower Trim = 15 pcs

Fancy Chocolate = 15 pcs


Stage 3:

Love =25 pcs

Flower Trim = 25 pcs

Fancy Chocolate =  25 pcs

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