Tree Groves Guide


Another Grove for Free! FarmVille started to roll out the new feature building the Tree Groves that will benefit your Orchards. This new feature is not just for decoration or storing, the Tree Groves is more like a buff structure that boost the productivity of Orchards built or place around the area of it’s effect. Don’t be mistaken that this is same like an Orchard but you may also harvest it for mystery seedlings (you can also place trees inside it). The Tree Groves boosts the Orchards productivity thus increasing it’s yield and gain more experience points towards mastery. You can also put 2 Tree Groves side by side in your farm once you completed building one you will be prompted for Grove II but this time it’s already build and ready to be place and use.  It says the more grove areas an Orchard is in the more bonus you’ll receive. But it doesn’t says that it will hasten the harvest time of an Orchard. As of now harvest time is around 1.5 days. It will would be great if the Grove can shorten the harvest time of the Orchards.


Upon entering the game, a pop up message will inform a player about the new feature and then player will be in placement mode to place the raw Tree Grove. In case you missed the message or unintentionally close it you can find it in your gift box just use the search function to find it easily.



After placing click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside: Check the status and progress of the current build.
  • Complete Now: Finish the current build by spending  the corresponding value in FV cash.
  • Move: Arrange or relocate the building
  • Sell: Sell the building in exchange for coins.


By clicking Look Inside, you will see the materials needed to finish the current build of the building.



Good luck on your new Tree Groves!

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