Bonbon Boutique in FarmVille Seed Building


FarmVille has just released a new building that produces seed with Bonbon Boutique. Now you can plant an exclusive seed called Chocolate Jewels by building the Bonbon Boutique. It can also be upgraded up to 7 stage and each stage will give more chance of harvesting more seed packets.

 Bonbon Boutique

Bonbon Boutique



Building the FarmVille Bonbon Boutique will require parts. And there are as follows:


Chocochip Bowl Chocolate Cup Caramel Ganache

Chocochip Bowl, Chocolate Cup and Caramel Ganache




The Chocolate Cup can be crafted at the Craftshop using the following bushels.

Chocolate Cup




Bonbon Boutique building stages and their required parts:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


Stage 5

Stage 6


Stage 7

Stage 7


Harvest the Bonbon Boutique for Chocolate Jewel:

Chocolate Jewel

Chocolate Jewel crop info:

  • Buy: 350 coins
  • Sell: 500 coins
  • XP: 3 xp

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