FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm First Look


This will be a preview of the upcoming FarmVille new farm extension the FarmVille Haunted Hollow. This maybe release for an early access next week. It features a lot of creepy and cool decorations, trees, animals and even the crops. Here are some of the info that we gathered so far and more will be release as soon as we get more info:

New NPC:


Belinda Tiller, Rose Tiller and Lilian Tiller



New Farm Vehicles:


Seeder, Tractor, and Combine


New Crafting House:


New Decorations:


New Gnomes:


Shakespeare Gnome, Alchemist Gnome and Medusa Gnome


New Crops:


Spectres Strawberries, Jack o Lantern, Tombstone


Phantom Frond, Zombie and Candied Corn


New Animal Breeding Pens:


Aviary, Horse Paddock, Chicken Coop







Storage Cellar:

More to come as we go closer to the Official release of FarmVille Haunted Hollow, the new FarmVille farm extension.

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