FarmVille Haunted Hollow Early Access


We just traveled and gain the early access pass to the new FarmVille farm extension the Haunted Hollow. There is a new leveling system that is called “SP” or Spook Points. And just like the “Zen” in Jade Falls, in FarmVille Haunted Hollow players earn this by doing the usual stuff: planting, harvesting, plowing, upgrading the Haunted Mansion and etc.

Upon arrival you’ll be welcomed by one of the NPC and inform you can earn Spook Points which you can used to get amazing prizes.





Master Lu’s counterpart in Haunted Hollow


Spook Points!

Unlike on the other farm extension, in Haunted Hollow there seems to be no limit on how many plot you can initially till or plow. We just kept plowing and plowing.


The Materials for Spooky Paddocks can be obtain just by opening the Special Delivery Box. Just place the unfinished building before opening the SD Box.

We encountered a bug when we’re building the Wildlife Cave. We have a lot of Grazing Grass but when ever we tried to used it it kept saying that “Everything is full”.

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