FarmVille Haunted Hollow in Pictures


Let’s take a look in pictures the new unreleased farm extension of FarmVille the Haunted Hollow. Let’s examine the things that we may expect from it upon the official release of this new farm. So far we learned that there might be a leveling system in Haunted Hollow and it maybe called Sorcery Points or SP but where not sure about this until the official release. There will also be a Haunted Mansion where we will be upgrading just like the lighthouse in LC or the Volcano in HP. Here some of the info that we gathered so far:

These three ladies reminds me of the movie the “Witches of Eastwick”


FarmVille Haunted Hollow early access might be happening next week and it will again cost around 35FV cash and with some free stuff.


We maybe upgrading this Haunted Mansion in Haunted Hollow farm just like what we did with the Volcano in Hawaii and the Jade Palace in Jade Falls.


This maybe the Haunted Hollows Crafting House where we will be crafting and mastering new recipe’s.


We are guessing this will be like a training house of one of the Tiller sisters where we will be learning sorcery or stuff just like what we did with Master Lu.


It seems the triple or two plowable area is gone on this new farm extension. We didn’t see any terrace or water surface to plow and plant but we’ll wait see until the official release.

It seems by the look of this new level up effects that we’ll be earning new type experience. If Jade Falls have Zen Points in Haunted Hollow we will be earning Sorcery Points? for SP?


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