FarmVille Karaoke Bar (Seed Building)


We may have the latest addition to our current seed building when FarmVille releases this new Karaoke Bar soon. This time the Karaoke Bar will give an exclusive seed packets for Musical Wave crops.

Just like the previous release of this type of building, it can be upgraded up to several stages. The more upgrades it have, the more chances you got to harvest another pack Musical Wave seeds

 Karaoke Bar



Karaoke Bar


To build and upgrade the Karaoke Bar you will need the following parts:

Karaoke CDFruit Punch JugKaraoke Mic


Karaoke CD, Fruit Punch Jug and Karaoke Mic


The Fruit Punch Jug is the one that can be crafted at the Craftshop using the following bushels:

Fruit Punch JugBuckwheatCarrots BushelCoffee Bushel


Fruit Punch Jug = Buckwheat Bushel x3, Carrots Bushel x3 and Coffee Bushel x3


Here is a table of how many parts you will need to upgrade the Karaoke Bar in every stage:


Karaoke Bar Karaoke CD Fruit Punch Jug Karaoke Mic
STAGES Karaoke CD Fruit Punch Jug Karaoke Mic
1 6  2 9
2 8 3 12
3 10 4 15
4 12 6 18
5 14 8 21
6 16 10 24



Once you have a completed Karaoke bar you can harvest it for Musical Wave Seed Packets. The more upgrade the Karaoke Bar the more chances of getting additional seed packets.

Musical Wave

Musical Wave

Harvest time: 8 hours

Buy: 350 coins

Yield: 500 coins

Mastery Count: 650 | 1150 | 2100

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