FarmVille Mistletoe Lane (New Farm) Coming Soon!


A new farm extension SOON? maybe with FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. We gathered some of the early info and images on what seems to be another new farm extension coming this winter season just in time for the Holiday. The Tiller’s (Nick, Rose, Lillian and Belinda) of Haunted Hollow will travel to this new location and may host the series of Mistletoe Lane Quests.

There will be also some familiar faces like vacationist Zing and Zang. Players may remember the two elves who helps Santa lastΒ  Winter Wonderland Quests. They surely will made some appearance on some of the quest that will be done in Mistletoe Lane farm. There will be also a new crafting cottage and some of the breeding pens will sport a new look. Here are some of the pictures and images of the new farm in FarmVille Mistletoe Lane:

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane



Mistletoe Lane






Road to FarmVille Mistletoe Lane

More Info and Images to come as we cover the soon to be released FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Farm extension!

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