Jade Falls Buildings Guide


New farm and new start in FarmVille Jade Falls. Players will have the options to build new Animal storage building for the new farm. If so it will be convenient if you gonna start saving those Special Delivery Box in preparation for the official release of Jade Falls on June 11. Start collecting those parts for the Jade Aquarium because this items can’t be obtain from the Boxes. The Jade Habitat requires parts that also can’t be obtain from the Special Delivery Boxes so prepare for this one.

Jade Aviary

Parts needed to build: 12x Clamps, 12x Hinge and 12x Screwdriver.


Jade Habitat

Parts needed to build: 12x Bamboo Rail, 12x Reed Thatch and 12x Clay Brick.


Asian Horse Paddock

Parts needed to build: 12x Log, 12x Saddle and 12x Bridle.


Jade Aquarium

Parts needed to build: 12x Buoy, 12x Filter and 12x Ocean Rock.


Jade Falls Orchard

Parts needed for Jade Falls Orchard: 10x Brick, 10x Nail and 10x Wooden Board.


Jade Falls Mountain Palace Parts

Tip: You can click and store those “Grass Paths” and the “Bamboo Trees” to make room for your Pens and Buildings.

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