FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Building’s Preview


As FarmVille Mistletoe Lane is fast approaching we gathered some of the images for the new buildings that it will offer. Among them are the newly designed Pens which will hold the new batch of animals. There will also be a breeding station or building called the Animal Workshop where players will create and collect new monsters and animals. The Town Square will be the focus building of Mistletoe Lane. Just like the Volcano and Lighthouse it will be upgraded and as of now up to stage 8. And each stage upgrade will improve the items that it produces.


Mistletoe Lane Buildable Town Square:

Mistletoe Lane breeding pen Animal Workshop:


Mistletoe Lane Wildlife Habitat:


Mistletoe Lane Aviary:


Mistletoe Lane Horse Paddock:


Mistletoe Lane Zoo:


Mistletoe Lane Pet Run:

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