FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Crops and Animals Preview


Here it is! preview of the up and coming crops and animals for the FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. As we learn that the Mistletoe Farm will be an extension of Haunted Hollow, the question of what is the other part or half of the Map  that we have all along is now answered as we can see now that the other half of the Map (which is blank before) is now has a path leading to Mistletoe Farm.

Here are some of the initial list of crops:

Mistletoe Lane Crops List:


Chocomint                      Cider Apple                      Flint Corn


Frost Holly                     Holiday Cactus                Holiday Poinsietta


Hollow Berry                  Honey Ginger                   Jingle Berry


Ornament Potato           Rudolf Radish                  Wax Beans


White Cranberry            Winter Grain                    Winter Squash


List of new animals for Mistletoe Lane:

Mistletoe Lane Animals:


Fancy Cat                          Pygmy White Goat          Winter Chicken


Tan Reindeer Alpaca       Winter Badger                   Winter Wolf


Holiday Bull                       White Moose Bull            Winterfield Rabit


Dall Ram                             Elf Boar                              Magic Winter Pegacorn


Winter Beaver                    Caroling Duck                  Winter Groundhog


Petie Penguin                     Festive Cat                          Rudolph Sheep


Tundra Reindeer              Winter Seal Baby                Wreath Bear


Unicornucopia                   Whitehorned Owl              Glittercron Unicorn


Winter Llama                     Festive Walrus                   Holiday Drum Horse


Animal Workshop:


Winston Wolf                    Bentley Beagle                       Camilla Calf


Patty Pig                             Sinclair Sheep                       Catrina Cat


Harrietta Horse                 Mrs Flops Rabbit                 Eugene Unicorn


Max Moose                         Camilla Cow                          Bumby Bear                        Davy Deer

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