FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Early Access Stage Walkthrough


FarmVille just recently opened for early access their new farm extension the Mistletoe Lane. And for just 35 FV cash players can access and experience the new farm before it will be officially open for free access next week (Nov 12). They can now start building the new pens and improving the buildings such as the Town Square and the Patisserie. Start mastering new crops and creating new Holiday Animals in the Animal Workshop.

There is also a new leveling system called Cheer or Cheer Points which players can earn by decorating in Mistletoe Lane (buying fv cash Deco items?), improving the Town Square, clearing the Tree Stumps (needs Power Saw) and also sharing photos. A new escapade feature just like Master Liu on Jade Falls and here in Mistletoe Lane players will help Nick run for Mayor and he will need our help in running his campaign and to get votes. There is no limit on how many plot you can plow as you can plow 100-120 plots easily on its initial farm size. Here are some the images that we gathered during our first arrival in Mistletoe Lane:


Yup that’s Zang, the elf from last winter season (Winter Wonderland) and she will welcome us and brief us about the new farm extension the Mistletoe Lane.


The very first mission of Mistletoe Lane with Zang “Spread the Cheer” where we need to take a snapshot of our farm and share it with our friends and neighbors:


Yay! our first Cheer Point level up in Mistletoe Lane.

After the introduction and first mission with Zang, Nick will approach us and tell his story on how we both arrived early to Mistletoe Lane.

After popping up the first real quest with Nick, we can now start working on our new farm.

Mistletoe Lane actual farm

Mistletoe lane actual image

The Holiday Square (Town Square) in some or most of the missions that will be done here in Mistletoe Lane, one of the requirements will be upgrading this building.

Mistletoe Lane Escapade Missions just like studying with Master Liu in Jade Falls but this time it will be helping Nick run for Mayor:


Most of the Pens requires ordinary building parts which is can easily obtain just by opening Special Delivery Boxes. We opened 100 pcs of this and we completed building the following Pens:



Holiday Aviary is not yet available in the Market and Chicken Coops can be purchased and ready to be placed from the Market. Great for raising Chickens especially for quests.


Level requirements of the crops are now can be seen in the Market, unlike before where you need to guess and wonder where can find that Lowland Ginger?


Just like the previous crafting building, Patisserie will start at level 1 and will have the initial 3 recipe and 2 slot for crafting.


These Treestump are scattered around the Mistletoe Lane farm abd players will need Power Saws to clear.


More info and image to come as we continue our coverage on Mistletoe Lane’s early access stage.

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