New Craftshop Recipes for July 2014


FarmVille maybe adding this new items for the Craftshop this July. You will have a chance to collect this new items by crafting it. We have here the information of the 5 recipes that will be added and they are Magic Feather Tree, Headdress Pony, Rainbow Butterfly Pegacorn, Frog Prince Cow and Feather Fence.

 New Craftshop Recipe


Here are some of the items that maybe added at the FarmVille Craftshop.



Magic Feather Tree Red Tulip Blackberry Bushel Rose Berry Bushel


Magic Feather Tree = Red Tulip Bushel x30, Blackberry Bushel x30 and Rose Berry Bushel x30



Headdress Pony Tomato Bushel Blue Dragon Fruit Diamond Corn Bushel


Headdress Pony = Tomato Bushel x30, Blue Dragon Fruit x30 and Diamond Corn Bushel x30



Rainbow Butterfly Pegacorn Pumpkin Bushel Cranberry Bushel Nutmeg Bushel


Rainbow Butterfly Pegacorn = Pumpkin Bushel  x30, Cranberry Bushel x30 and Nutmeg Bushel x30



Frog Prince Cow Mushroom Fairy Bushel Forget Me Not Bushel Sunset Lychees Bushel


Frog Prince Cow = Mushroom Fairy Bushel x30, Forget Me Not Bushel x30 and Sunset Lychees Bushel x30.



Feather Fence Amethyst Grape Bushel Purple Anthurium Bushel Pumpkin Bushel


Feather Fence = Amethyst Grape Bushel x30, Purple Anthurium Bushel x30 and Pumpkin Bushel x30.

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