New FarmVille Jade Falls Asian Farm Extension


A first look at the unreleased new farm extension the FarmVille Jade Falls: Asian Farm. Asia maybe the next travel destination of FarmVille players as it maybe soon be released next month. There’s plenty of challenge awaiting as this might have three farms. If Hawaiian Paradise have the water and land, in Jade Falls Asian Farm it may have “three farm” the water, land and terrace. There will also be a Pagoda, a landmark of sort for the new farm extension just like Hawaii has the Volcano, the Winter Wonderland has the Train etc. If Brenda is for the Lighthouse, Santa is for Wonderland, Ukelele Bill for Hawaii, in Jade Fall players will meet Master Liu a master of a Dojo.


If Lighthouse Cove have a Lighthouse, the Winter Wonderland has a Train, Hawaiian Paradise had a volcano, the Jade Falls Asia farm will have the Pagoda.


New farming vehicles will be released for the new farm extension.

As we can see it has three sets, for Terrace, for Land and for Water. Combine, Tractor, Seeder and Harvester.


Breeding Pens in Jade Falls


Meet the new NPC Characters

Note: This is currently unreleased and may change. We will keep you updated on this news.

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