Orchid Garden in FarmVille Seed Building


A new seed building has just been made available in FarmVille. The Orchid Garden will be the latest addition to the growing number of seed building for our farm. It can be harvested for Rainbow Orchid seed packets. Each stage you made will increase the chance of harvesting more seed packets.

You may upgrade the Orchid garden up to 6 stage. To upgrade it you will need parts that can be obtained by through your friends. One of parts can be crafted at the Craftshop.

 FarmVille Orchid Garden



FarmVille Orchid Building



To build the Orchid Garden we will need to the following parts:

Plant SupportGarden ToolkitWater Barrel

Plant Support, Garden Toolkit and Water Barrel



The Garden Tools are the one that can be crafted at the Craftshop and it will need the following bushels:

English Rose BushelSugar Cane BushelStrawberries Bushel

English Rose Bushel x3, Sugar Cane Bushel x3 and Strawberries Bushel x3



Just like the previous type of seed building, the Orchid Garden can be upgraded up to 6 times. Here is a guide on how many parts you will need for each stage:


STAGES Plant Support Garden Toolkit Water Barrel
Stage 1 Orchid garden  6  2  9
Stage 2 Orchid garden  8  3  12
Stage 3 Orchid garden  10  4  15
Stage 4 Orchid garden  12  6  18
Stage 5 Orchid garden  14  8  21
Stage 6 Orchid Garden  16  10  24



Once you complete any of an Orchid Garden stage you can then harvest it for Rainbow Orchids seed packets:

Rainbow Orchid

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