Tips on Posting FarmVille Feeds


Having problem posting FarmVille feeds? do your friends having a hard time seeing your feeds especially those Quest feeds? Help them to see these feeds with this simple tips.


  • Prioritize on which feeds to post by selecting the most important ones. As an advice, if you want your friends to find your most important feeds don’t just click share everything. Example of this are:


This will just clutter your FarmVille feed section in your timeline profile and will just stack and bury your most important feeds like for the quest. If you’re still want to post this stuff, finish first all your task eg. harvesting, planting then do the asking for items for Quest last so it will be on the top of your feeds list and can be found easily.


  • This tip is from Funsam: Easiest way write something before u post quest links (ie 6 needed) or other links u want to stay on wall & they will. If you don’t write anything on them go to small box on timeline. Example:


  • If you really want your friends to see your feeds you can do the following steps:

First Click Ask Friends,


Then go to your Profile section or Timeline, then under the FarmVille feeds section look for the feed that you currently asked. Right click on the Send or Get just beside the comment then select “Copy Link Location” (Mozilla/Firefox Browser), “Copy Link Address” (Google Chrome),


After copying the link, go to the “Status” (What’s on your mind?) type something first like how many you need etc… then “Right Click” then select “Paste“,


Then “Click” Post,


Now it can be easily seen,


Note: Only your Facebook friends can send help, else in will only result saying “Sorry, you got here too late.”


  • If you already have Timeline, you can also click the star to highlight the feed to make it wider:



Hope this helps. If you have tips on how post FarmVille help feeds effectively, feel free to post it in our comments section.


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