Oasis Gardens Buildings, Pens and Vehicles Preview


Here are some preview of the new Buildings, Pens and Decorations for the new farm Oasis Gardens. FarmVille will be opening up this new farm this Monday for general access and with it are these new collections. This will includes buildings for your different type of farm animals like Aviary, Horse Paddocks, Zoo etc.. It will also a newly designed farm vehicles to help you prepare your Oasis Gardens farm plots faster. Oasis Gardens will open June 9, 2014.

 Oasis Gardens Buildings, Pens and Decorations



Aviary filler Cow Pasture
Oasis Aviary Oasis Cow Pasture
Gnome Garden filler Zoo
Oasis Gnome Garden Oasis Zoo
Oasis Pet Run filler Wildlife Habitat
Oasis Pet Run Oasis Wildlife Habitat
Livestock filler Horse Paddock
Oasis Livestock Oasis Horse Paddock
Horse Paddock filler Orchard
Oasis Horse Paddock Oasis Orchard
Oasis Garage filler Oasis Storage Cellar
Oasis Garage Oasis Storage Cellar




Oasis Combine filler Egyptian Eagle Biplane
Oasis Combine Egyptian Eagle Biplane
Oasis Orchard Harvester filler Oasis Harvester
Oasis Orchard Harvester Oasis Harvester
Oasis Seeder filler Oasis Tractor
Oasis Seeder Oasis Tractor





Oasis City filler Royal Temple
Oasis City Royal Temple
Great Library filler Zezura Oasis
Great Library Zezura Oasis
Bedouin Tent filler Great Lighthouse
Bedouin Tent Great Lighthouse
Arabian Towers filler Cairo Boutique
Arabian Towers Cairo Boutique
Cairo Library filler Desert Palace
Cairo Library Desert Palace
Karnak Temple filler Nile Museum
Karnak Temple Nile Museum


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