Palace of Treasures in FarmVille Oasis Gardens


When players travels to the Oasis Gardens, one of the buildings that they surely will notice is the FarmVille Palace of Treasures. It will be the one of the major attraction of the new farm and it will be one of the building that players will be upgrading. It will also give some exclusive items upon successfully upgrading it plus they will be helping the FarmVille in raising funds for the WCN.


Palace of Treasures


Palace of Treasure


  • Farmville partners with Wildlife Conservation Network to help save endangered animals.
  • Spend on any tree, animal, treasure or land expansion in Oasis Gardens to contribute to saving wildlife!
  • Work together with the entire Farmville community to reach our goal of protecting 50,000 animals!
  • See the Palace of Treasures upgrade and get a reward each time the Farmville community reaches a milestone!


Parts need to upgrade the Palace of Treasure:

Golden Rope Emerald Spades Pearl of Wisdow

Golden Rope x10, Emerald Spades x10 and Pearl of Wisdow x10.

Henna Tree

Level 1 | Henna Tree | Animals Saved: 10,000


Oasis Winged Cat

Level 2 | Oasis Winged Cat | Animals Saved: 20,0000


Bedouin Camel

Level 3 | Bedouin Camel | Animals Saved: 30,000


Bejeweled Dream Deer

Level 4 | Bejeweled Dream Deer | Animals Saved: 40,000


Desert Rose Unicorn

Level 5 | Desert Rose Unicorn | Animal Saved: 50,000

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