April Showers 2014 in FarmVille Personality Feature


Ask your friends to vote once again in the newest version of FarmVille Personality featuring the April Showers 2014. Collect enough votes so that you can unlock and choose which of the two prizes you desire. There will be a total of 12 questions to be asked and 24 possible prizes to get. The FarmVille April Shower 2014 will start April 2.



April Showers 2014


How to this works:

  • Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prizes.
  • After collecting enough votes to unlock a prize, a redeem button will appear. Click on the redeem button to collect your prize. After redeeming, your prizes will appear in your gift box.
  • Ask your friends to vote on a new question after completing the previous question. Finish all 12 questions to win prizes and get an April Showers profile. Replay through all 12 questions up to 3 times per day.
  • Each question will get you closer to your ideal April Shower habits. Find out if you’re on the Naughty List or the Nice List!


Questions and Rewards:

1. Would I prefer getting wet in rain or staying warm at home?

Rain Lover Sheep gapfiller Snoozy Sheep
Rain Lover Sheep Snoozy Sheep



2. Would I rather paint windows using raindrops or collect them?

Dauber Duckling gapfiller Glommer Duck
Dauber Duckling Glommer Duck



3. Do I like a rainbow or thunder and lightening in the sky?

Rainbow Umbrella Tree gapfiller Lightening Bolt Tree
Rainbow Umbrella Tree Lightening Bolt Tree



4. Would I rather have hot beverage on a rainy day or a cold one?

Caffe Latte Tree gapfiller Iced Mocha Tree
Caffe Latte Tree Iced Mocha Tree



5. Would I prefer the smell of earth or raindrops?

Earthly Rooster gapfiller Crackling Rooster
Earthly Rooster Crackling Rooster



6. Do I prefer a raincoat or an umbrella?

Hooded Cat gapfiller Brolly Cat
Hooded Cat Brolly Cat



7. Do I prefer making mud soaps or make paper boats?

Silly Monkey gapfiller Zingy Monkey
Silly Monkey Zingy Monkey



8. Do I prefer splashing puddles or stay clean with my rain boots?

Muddy Elephant gapfiller Red Boot Elephant
Muddy Elephant Red Boot Elephant



9. Would I prefer dancing peacocks or croaking frogs?

Chipper Eyeing Deer gapfiller Tune In Deer
Chipper Eyeing Deer Tune In Deer



10. Do I prefer long drives while it drizzles or cycling?

Long Drive gapfiller Long Ride
Long Drive Long Ride



11. Would I rather take pictures of the rain or write about it?

Shutterbug Chicken gapfiller Wordsmith Chicken
Shutterbug Chicken Wordsmith Chicken



12. Would I rather go rain dancing or curl up and read?

Dandling Unicorn gapfiller Geeky Unicorn
Dandling Unicorn Geeky Unicorn


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