Candy Shop 2013 in FarmVille Personality


Build a Candy Shop that’s just right for you, based on your unique personality profile! in FarmVille Candy Shop 2013 feature! Find out by asking your friends what they feel the right description that fits you. If you get four vote on an answer a redeem button will appear under the item. Clicking on it, the item will automatically goes in your Inventory. There are a total 12 questions to asks and you can win all the prizes by finishing the feature early and repeating it.




Questions and Prizes:

1. Would I prefer Jelly Beans or Gum Drops?

Jelly Beary                                       Gumdrop Hedgehog


2. Would I like Vanilla ice cream or Rocky Road?

Candy Floss Alpaca                       Giant Rocky Road Ladybug


3. Would I like Saltwater Taffy or Hard Candy?

Giant Taffy Butterfly                    Hard Candy Hermit Crab


4. Would I prefer a Root Beer Float or a Strawberry Milkshake?

Root Beer Gnome                          Strawberry Shake Gnome


5. Would I prefer a Maccaroon or a Mint Chip Cookie?

Maccaroon Babboon                    Mint Chip Chimp


6. Would I rather have a Popsicle or an Ice Cream Bar?

Double Popsicle Tree                   Ice Cream Bar Tree


7. Would I prefer Blackberry Peach Cobbler or Cherry Pie Alamode?

Blackberry Peach Pig                   Cherry Pie Pig


8. Would I rather have White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

White Chocolate Stag                   Milk Chocolate Moose


9. Would I prefer Red Licorice or Black Licorice?

Red Licorice Fox                            Black Licorice Panther


10. Would I rather have Cinnamon Candy or Mint Candy?

Cinnamonkey                                 Cool Mint Coyote


11. Would I prefer a Blondie Brownie or Marshmallow Fudge?

Blondie Horse                                 Marshmallow Fudge Mustang


12. Would I rather have Pink Frosting or Blue Frosting?

Pink Frosted Pegacorn                Blue Frosted Pegacorn

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