Cupid vs. Anti Cupid in FarmVille Personality Feature


Ask your friends to help you celebrate Valentines! in the new FarmVille Cupid vs. Anti Cupid Personlaity Feature. You will find out what your friends really think while building your Cupid fountain and win some cool rewards along the way. There will be new question to be ask each day and each will one will have two possible rewards to get.

 Farmville 2 Cupid vs. Anti Cupid 


How to play:

  • Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prizes.
  • After collecting enough votes to unlock a prize, a redeem button will appear. Click on the redeem button to collect your prize. After redeeming, your prizes will appear in your gift box.
  • Ask your friends to vote on a new question after completing the previous question. Finish all 12 questions to win prizes and get a Perfect Job profile. Replay through all 12 questions up to 3 times per day.
  • Each question will get you closer to your perfect job. Find out which job you’ll get!


Question 1:

Would I rather play Cupid or Anti Cupid?


Cowpid Valentines NvN 2014 Anti Cowpid
Cowpid Anti Cowpid


Question 2:

Do I prefer champagne or chocolates?


Champagne Chicken Valentines NvN 2014 Chocolates Chicken
Champagne Chicken Chocolates Chicken


Question 3:

Is my heart more likely to be happy or broken?


Happy Heart Horse Valentines NvN 2014  Broken Heart Horse
Happy Heart Horse  Broken Heart Horse


Question 4:

Do I like romance or tragedy?


Gnomantic Poet Valentines NvN 2014 Gnomeo
Gnomantic Poet Gnomeo


Question 5:

Am I highly uplifting or deeply emotional?


Lightheart Gnomette Valentines NvN 2014 Gnomiette
Lightheart Gnomette Gnomiette


Question 6:

Would I prefer a teddy bear or a black cat?


Teddy Bear Unicorn Valentines NvN 2014 Black Cat Unicorn
Teddy Bear Unicorn Black Cat Unicorn


Question 7:

Do I prefer the rose or the thorns?


Love Bouquet Tree Valentines NvN 2014 Thorny Bouquet Tree
 Love Bouquet Tree Thorny Bouquet Tree


Question 8:

Would I rather chirp or croon?


Legendary Lovebird Valentines NvN 2014 Emo Emu
Legendary Lovebird Emo Emu


Question 9:

Am I interested in a pure romance or a bad romance?


Romantic Pegasus Valentines NvN 2014 Bad Romance Pegasus
Romantic Pegasus Bad Romance Pegasus


Question 10:

Am I prim and proper or particularly prickly?


Pink Rose Dream Deer Valentines NvN 2014 Darkthorn Dream Deer
Pink Rose Dream Deer Darkthorn Dream Deer


Question 11:

Do I think it’s more important to smell nice or look nice?


Pink Perfume Tree Valentines NvN 2014 Dark Diamond Tree
Pink Perfume Tree Dark Diamond Tree


Question 12:

Would I prefer a bouquet of red roses or black roses?


Red Rose Pegacorn Valentines NvN 2014  Black Rose Pegacorn
Red Rose Pegacorn Black Rose Pegacorn


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