FarmVille Horror Vs Comedy 2014


The next personality feature for FarmVille is already ready and will be released right after the current one. The theme this time will be about FarmVille Horror Vs Comedy. There will be 12 question to be asked and 32 possible rewards to get. We have here a preview of what could be the the 12 stage and their rewards.

 Horror vs Comedy 2014

How this feature works:

  • Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prizes.
  • After collecting enough votes to unlock a prize, a redeem button will appear. Click on the redeem button to collect your prize. After redeeming, your prizes will appear in your gift box.
  • Ask your friends to vote on a new question after completing the previous question. Finish all 12 questions to win prizes and get an domestic vs wild animals profile. Replay through all 12 questions up to 3 times per day.
  • Each question will get you closer to your ideal Autumn or Winter Personality. Find out if you’re on the Autumn’s list or the Winter’s list!




Stage 1
 Joker Chicken filler Caped Chicken
 Joker Chicken Caped Chicken
Stage 2
Joker Gnome filler Zombette Gnomette
Joker Gnome
Stage 3
Happy Tree filler Horror Tree
Happy Tree Horror Tree
Stage 4
 Smiley Face Topiary filler Scary Face Topiary
 Smiley Face Topiary Scary Face Topiary
Stage 5
 The Happy Passage filler Wind Swept Horror
 The Happy Passage Wind Swept Horror
Stage 6
Smiley Sheep filler Horror Art Sheep
Smiley Sheep Horror Art Sheep
Stage 7
Rom-Com Cow filler Tiki Cow
Rom-Com Cow Tiki Cow
Stage 8
Comic Relief Panda filler Ghost Panda
Comic Relief Panda Ghost Panda
Stage 9
Flower Cub filler Scary Lion
 Flower Cub Scary Lion
Stage 10
Cuddly Wolf filler New Moon Wolf
Cuddly Wolf New Moon Wolf
Stage 11
Silent Comic Pony filler Pony-Stein
Silent Comic Pony Pony-Stein
Stage 12
Pet Detective Pegasus filler Mummy Pegasus
Pet Detective Pegasus Mummy Pegasus

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