FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley Quests


Complete these tasks in FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley for special rewards and a grand prize of and exclusive Phantom Valley Shipping License plus a Beat Phantom Valley Trophy! Plan ahead my seeing which crop to master first. Collect materials and upgrade the crafting building like the Sci-fi Lab and unlock all the animals in the Grim Reaper’s Byre.

Beat Phantom Valley Quests

Quest 1: Finish building your Fun House of Horror

  • Upgrade the Fun House of Horror up to level 10

Fun House of Horror


Phantom Points2000 Phantom Points


Quest 2: Master these Transylvania Crops to Level 3

  • Master the following crops:
    • Bat Flower
    • Brown Knapweed
    • Creepy Creepers
    • Devil’s Hand Flower
    • Devil’s Paintbrush
    • Evil Head
    • Eyeball Flower
    • Franken-kiwis
    • Grinning Blooms
    • Horned Kiwano
    • Marbled Red Eggs
    • Meringue Bones
    • Mummied Bananas
    • Nasty Pineapple
    • Osiria Rose
    • Pinwheel Blooms
    • Rampion
    • Skull Pods
    • Trapped Dews
    • White Baneberry
    • Yarrow


Instagrow2 Instagrow


Quest 3: Complete all animals in Grim Reaper’s Byre!

Grim Reaper's Byre

  • Unlock the following animals:
    • Cemetery Owl
    • Devil Sheep
    • Devil’s Pet Pegacorn
    • Grim Reaper Pegasus
    • Immortal Brave Unicorn
    • Mummy Meerkat
    • Shadowed Wolf
    • SkeleCat
    • Skull Crown Chick
    • Spider Moo
    • Spooky Eyes Deer
    • Swamp Monster Horse
    • Voodoo Bride Duck
    • Voodoo Doll Goat
    • Witchy Hedgehog


Unwither5 x Unwither


Quest 4: Have a 5 Star Sci-Fi Lab!

  • Raise the Sci-Fi Lab up to stage 5

Sci-Fi Lab


Phantom Points4000 Phantom Points


Completing all four tasks will give you a Phantom Valley Shipping License plus a Beat Phantom Valley Trophy:

Phantom Valley Shipping License

Phantom Valley Shipping License

Beat Phantom Valley Trophy

Beat Phantom Valley Trophy

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