FarmVille Beat Samba in Rio Quests


FarmVille Beat Samba in Rio Quests is a special mission for players to get a chance to win a free Samba in Rio Shipping License by completing a set of tasks. Each task will require some determination and planning to complete them quickly. There will be a total of 4 stage to complete. Each stage will give a reward and if you’ll complete all 4 stages, you’ll win a Samba in Rio shipping License plus a Beat Samba in Rio Trophy.


Quests 1: Finish building your Rio Public School

Rio Public School


Quests 2: Master these Samba in Rio Crops to Level 3

  • For the harvest time, you can check them HERE.
Parrot Blooms Cerulean Cactus Caju Hearty Canistel Grandmas Bonnet
Foxglove Flower Lady Slippers White Pinwheels Royal Tubeflowers Wild Tucumas
Red Dacca Banana Rainbow Bromeliad Cape Buttercup Sunstar Dahlia Teacup Blooms
Passiflora Ruby Gold Pepino Jazz Daylily Lobster Claw Flower Corsage Orchid
White Flame Peppers Starfish Peppers Queens Tears Spiky Bromeliad Clusia Star
Brazil Nut Spiky Rollinia Guarana Berry


Quests 3: Complete all animals in Carnival Stage!

Carnival Stage

  1. Carimbo Flower Hare
  2. Sunny Flare Duck
  3. Palm Skirt Meerkat
  4. Brazilian Glass Sheep
  5. Sun Fun Bear
  6. Carimbo Sheep Dog
  7. Blue Blaze Elephant
  8. Brazilian Wild Cat
  9. Love Spot Pig
  10. Violet Splash Peacock
  11. Summer Sun Horse
  12. Ruby Flare Deer
  13. Carnivale Fever Cow
  14. Carnivale Blaze Unicorn
  15. Carnivale Crazy Pegasus



Quests 4: Have a 5 Star Rio General Store!

  • Craft recipes at the Rio General Store and earn xp to level it up. Selling items or whne a friends your goods will also earn you xp points.

Rio General Store




Samba in Rio Shipping License

Samba in Rio Shipping License


Beat Samba in Rio Trophy

Beat Samba in Rio Trophy

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