FarmVille Beat Savannah Safari Farm


Find out what are the requirements for the FarmVille Beat Savannah Safari challenge. This is the part where you will have a chance to win a Savannah Safari free cross-world shipping license plus an awesome trophy. On this edition, you will need to satisfy the following requirements which are all need to be done in Savannah Safari.

Beat Savannah Safari


Complete these tasks in Savannah Safari for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

Quests 1:

– Finish building your Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge

Tip: To complete this task, you will need to upgrade the Safari Lodge 9 times or reach stage 10.


2,000 Savannah Points


Quests 2:

Savannah Safari Crop Lists

– Master the following Savannah Safari Crops to Level 3:

  1. African Cucumber: harvest time = 6 mins
  2. Pollia Condensata: harvest time = 6 mins
  3. Baobab Flower: harvest time = 12 mins
  4. Swirly Vine Bowl: harvest time = 30 mins
  5. Beaded Grape: harvest time = 4 hours
  6. Striped Watermelon: harvest time = 4 hours
  7. African Gourmet Mushroom: harvest time = 6 hours
  8. Ixia Hybrid: harvest time = 6 hours
  9. Dubium Flower: harvest time = 8 hours
  10. Woven Muskmelon: harvest time = 8 hours
  11. Pineapple Lily: harvest time = 10 hours
  12. Flaming Aloe: harvest time = 12 hours
  13. Ruffles Copper: harvest time = 12 hours
  14. Floro Swirl: harvest time = 14 hours
  15. Lychee Strawberry: harvest time = 14 hours
  16. Drosera Regia: harvest time = 3 days
  17. Spider Iris: harvest time = 16 hours
  18. Winged Flora: harvest time = 1 day
  19. Exotic Twirl: harvest time = 1 day
  20. Exotic Africana: harvest time = 2 days


Instagrow2 Instagrow


Quest 3:

– Have a 5 Star Herbal Inn

Herbal Inn

Tip: Earn recipe experience each time you make or sell a good that is crafted from the Herbal Inn. The fastest way to level up recipes is to sell goods. You earn 80% of the selling price when a friend buys a good!


4,000 Savannah Points


Quest 4:

– Complete all animals in Savannah Reserve!

Savannah Reserve

  1. Guinea Turaco
  2. Patterened Pangolin
  3. Baby Caracal
  4. Green Iguana
  5. Malabar Pied Hornbill
  6. African Civet
  7. Golden Head Tamarin
  8. Butterfly Oryx
  9. Jungle Cheetah
  10. Mandrill Gorilla
  11. Jungle King Lion
  12. Jungle Horse
  13. Elemental Rhino
  14. Wild African Elephant
  15. Elemental Giraffe




Compete all these tasks and you will win a Beat Savannah Safari Trophy and Savannah License.

Note: Savannah License, having it will allow you to ship items in and out of Savannah.

Beat Savannah Safari Trophy

Beat Savannah Safari Trophy

Savannah License

Savannah License

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