FarmVille Beat ONCE UPON A WINTER Farm


What to win a free shipping license? Here we will show you how win it by beating the ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM. There will be 4 tasks to complete where each one will test your patience and enjoyment of the game. Complete these 4 tasks and you will receive a BEAT ONCE UPON A WINTER TROPHY and a SHIPPING LICENSE.



Beat Snowyville


Complete these tasks in Snowyville for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!


Finish building your Noel’s Castle (up to LEVEL 10)!

Noel's Castle

Noel’s Castle



Master these Once Upon a Winter Crops to Level 3!

1 Aurora Grapefruit 11 Green Crystal Pear 21 Snowflake Mushroom
2 Bush Flower 12 Holiday Bell Flower 22 Snowy Rambutan
3 Candy Cucumber 13 Icy Carrot 23 Star Cut Apple
4 Celebratory Tomatoes 14 Icy Tulips 24 Tangy Turnip
5 Christmas Grapes 15 Neon Starfruit 25 Water Hyacinth
6 Diamond Cabbage 16 North Star 26 Winter Artichoke
7 Elf Lettuce 17 Ornamented Apple 27 Winter Beets
8 Frosted Flower 18 Patterned Corn 28 Winter Dandelion
9 Gift Watermelon 19 Peppermint Flower
10 Glowy Radish 20 Snowball Sprouts




Complete all animals in Frosty Grange!

Frosty Grange

Frosty Grange




Have a 5 Star Snowy Toy Shop!

Snowy Toy Shop

Snowy Toy Shop


REWARDS for completing them all:

Shipping License

Shipping License


Beat Once Upon a Winter Trophy

Beat Once Upon a Winter Trophy

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