FarmVille Sweet Acres Farm First Look!


The next would be farm extension is finally revealed with the surfacing of early images of FarmVille Sweet Acres farm. No this is not a Candy Crush theme but a Candy farm theme. Players will be working around with this new farm extension with sugary sweet theme. Early hint that we learned is that there might be a new crafting building just like the Yarn Barn or Dairy. Beside the regular experience that we earned when doing farm tasks we will also be earning candy points in Sweet Acres farm.


FarmVille Sweet Acres



FarmVille Sweet Acres


FarmVille Sweet Acres


FarmVille Sweet Acres Farm


Looks like this couple will play a major role in Sweet Acres Quests.


Sweet Acres farm residents.


Sweet Acres crafting cottage:


This may be a crafting building just like the Animal Lab in early farm extension release.


When we arrive in FarmVille Sweet Acres farm for the first time we will see a lot of this and it will need to be unlocked:

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