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14 May 2013

FarmVille Quests: Throw a Garden Party with Sharonda

The Spring Girl is having a party in FarmVille throw a garden party with Sharonda, a FarmVille Garden Party Quests. Yes that is Sharonda the Spring Girl from the previous missions. You can also see her previous
23 Apr 2013

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quests: Time To Get Cooking

A new challenge awaits in Lighthouse Cove farm in FarmVille time to get cooking! It’s a new Lighthouse Cove quest in 2013 as players will be visiting one of the first farm extension again to take a

26 Sep 2012

FarmVille Quest: Catch Ghosts with Gino

Let’s haunt ghost and master the crop Licorice in FarmVille catch ghosts with Gino of the FarmVille’s Ghost Cather Quest. We will meet Gino who happens to be the best ghost hunter in FarmVille as he claims
20 Sep 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Abby in her Training

Dragon’s will arrived in our farm on this week FarmVille help Abby in her training on FarmVille’s Riding into the Sky Quest. We will meet and help Abby ride into the sky and develop her lance ability.